Power in pictures

In November and early December, Heather and I had the pleasure of travelling to southeast Asia.  We spent 10 days in Thailand and 10 days in Cambodia.  The second half of our adventure was as ambassadors with Bracelets 4 Buildings, a US-based charity focused on building homes for the poor in rural Cambodia.  If you read this blog, then you might have read a few posts and seen a few pictures as I journaled publicly about the experience. 

To date, my memories have been sustained from pictures that both Heather and I took.  Yesterday we received a link to an ambassador photobook that was put together by Kara Cunningham that includes photos from Kara, Kent, Pat and Lee.  They captured moments that we missed and moments of which we were participants.

It is important to note that many people were part of our adventure.  Dozens and dozens of people purchased prints in 2017, the net proceeds of which allowed us to get to Cambodia and finance the build of a home for Mern.  She is the first person you will see when you click the link below to view the photobook.  All of you - too many to name - made it possible to provide a safe and secure home to this lovely lady and her son.

Take five minutes and have a look.  You will see some amazing people who live in that part of the world, exercising resilience, innovation, love and compassion every single day.  Imagine what it would be like for you to experience something similar.  It's a remarkable thing being a part of changing the lives of family in such an essential way as providing better shelter.

One of the high points of the experience was the day of the blessing ceremony.  As part of that beautiful process, Mern received housewarming presents full of life's essentials: cookware, rice, clothing, etc.  I was also able to present the painting I did of her holding one of her beloved pups.  This was my first time seeing this particular capture of her reaction, and that of her friends and neighbours.

If you want to hear more about what it takes to be a Bracelets 4 Buildings ambassador and what it might be like traveling to Cambodia to help out later this year or the next, don't hesitate to reach out and ask.  We would love to have more people join us in making a profound impact and experiencing life in rural Cambodia and the people who call it home.


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