Painting Jimi

There are days when I need to paint something fun, unplanned and spontaneous projects that allow me to play and explore.  For some reason, Jimi Hendrix popped into my head yesterday.  I knew that Heather and I had a meeting at 9 am, so I broke up the project into a number of pieces.

To start the day I did this.

After our meeting, but before lunch, I took the 30" x 30" canvas a little farther.

By the time I left it in the afternoon, here is where it ended up.

I'm going to take one final look at it today, then sign it.  It felt mostly done yesterday, but something compelled me to hold off on the signature. 

This portrait of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix joins a small number of works that emerged completely out of instinct.  Nobody had suggested this subject, nor is there someone waiting in the wings to buy it.  He just popped into my mind and I responded to it.


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