And now the end is near...


We have arrived at December 20th. Much like the team at SEED Homes, we are pushing forward hoping for a successful building inspection on Friday. Our storage pod with all of our home things will be placed in the driveway in High River on Friday. IKEA closets and cabinets arrive in their many pieces on Sunday. 

We have staged things with the belief and hope that we will get conditional occupancy on the 22nd. As with everything else in this long process, we recognize that there could be more bumps in the road and potential delays. Thankfully, we booked the loft for the entire month on December....just in case.  Knowing that we have a place to eat, sleep and relax eases any stress we are carrying about the next few days.

The SEED Homes team is pulling out all the stops and enduring long days to get us to the finish line. When I was at site yesterday, Chad was busy positioning the insulated skirting panels. Brandon and Nikki were finishing off the electrical work. Taylor, Ryan and several other members of the team were doing finishing work inside the house. Darren, project manager, was also on site throughout the day, keeping everything moving forward. 

I had to run into town to swap our the 3/4" water meter for a 1' water meter. The plumber will be on site today, completing the install of all the plumbing fixtures and turning on the water for the first time. 

Heather and I will be running into the city to access the studio storage pod. Inside are a few essential items we need for the house: dining and coffee tables and our printer. 

The end is near but not yet certain. Today is going to be critical to get us into a position to have successful inspections on Thursday and Friday. Wish us luck.


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