Our different kind of Christmas

 Our Christmas decorating was limited to two miniature trees that I placed in front of our High River house at the end of the day. Our present was being able to start the move in process in our SEED Home.

While Heather started to find places in the cupboards for our kitchen things, I cut and installed privacy film in a number of windows. I started in the south facing guest bathroom. With a long window facing the street, providing some privacy was a priority. The stained glass design of the privacy film gives a prism effect, splashing pin points of colour into the space.

Our IKEA closets arrived mid-afternoon and will gives us lots to do today and tomorrow. They'll need to only be partially set up as the workers need to have access to the walls to finish off baseboards and trim. It's rather awkward that we can't fully move in as there are too many finishing details to get done starting on Wednesday.
I was feeling a deep sense of overwhelm yesterday and ended the day utterly exhausted. We were in bed asleep by 8:30. At some point in the middle of the night I identified the source of my feeling of overwhelm and was able to find a solution. What was weighing me down was space, or a lack of it. Until our studio gets built, we won't have enough space for everything. So, as soon as things kick back into gear after Christmas, I'm going to rent a storage locker to provide us with temporary space relief. Having a place to store boxes of stuff we barely use, paintings and other things, will be a blessing for a few months. 


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