The Christmas Gnome Collection 2021-2023

 "Why don't you paint a gnome?" asked my sister Corinne in 2021.

"What do you mean by a gnome?" I asked.

She showed me a few examples and off I went. Fergus was my first. Many more followed with names like Boggy, Wannabe, Atlas and Reggie. 

These paintings (and many more prints) are scattered across communities in Canada and a few in the United States. They have been particularly fun for me as I get to create them from scratch. For an artist who usually relies on photo references, that's no small thing. 

On Saturday, I shared my love of painting gnomes with an eager group of artists at the Airdrie Public Library.

"If you have ever been to one of those paint nights where the artist gives step by step instructions and at the end everyone's paintings look the same. This is not that," I shared with the 39 participants.

At the beginning, some had panic in their eyes. By the end, with every single gnome being absolutely unique and fun, panic had turned to pride.

It's almost time for me to put the gnomes away for the season. I have one more sketched out and ready for paint. I may do that before the holiday arrives. We'll see. For now, the collection sits at 21. What is your favourite?


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