Our Christmas miracle


There were days when the thought of being in our SEED Home for Christmas seemed like an impossibility. Through tireless effort and everyone on the SEED Homes team lending a hand (even several spouses jumped in to assist), we received our occupancy and were able to start moving in yesterday.

In the span of two or three hours, we were able to bring in over half the contents in our 16-foot storage pod. We are doing our best to only half set things up, as some millwork and finishing painting needs to happen next week along with a small number of finishing details. It felt important to us to start this process rather than waiting for everything to be perfect.

We played Christmas music while we worked and Coco and Shay explored their new house. It was a lovely way to spend time together. Heather's initial focus is getting the kitchen stuff put in the cupboards. If she only finds temporary spots for things, it accomplished two things. We will be all set to prepare food when we fully move in and we can break down all the boxes that held the kitchen stuff. Having less boxes around will be a bonus.

It was our first time being along in our house yesterday afternoon. We were able to play with light switches and discover which was which. We ran water in the sink for the first time and were able to test out the commode. Those things sound small, but they were HUGE.

Light is so important to us, and the house is bathed in it. There are also myriad light choices built inside and outside the home to allow us to create the perfect ambiance when the sun goes down. The in-floor heating, functional through much of the house, feels amazing on the toes.

The list of things to happen next week include the arrival of the counter top for the island in the kitchen, installation of mirrors and various hangers in the bathrooms, and several other infrastructure things. With three working days between Christmas and New Year we hope to be able to have guests to welcome in 2024. 


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