Chaos before the calm


With 48 hours to go until the building inspection we popped by the house to see how things were going. A lots of progress had been made on the insulated skirting that circumnavigates the building. There is a gap along the bottom side, but it will get covered up with snow in the short term (when we get some) and earth in the spring when we do the contouring of the landscaping. The house is now looking more complete from the outside.
On the backside of the house, where the cooling, heating and HVAC systems are located, Dallas was busy putting the finishing touches on the duct work. 

Walking inside - through the front door for the first time - there was activity everywhere. Jim was working on the island in the kitchen. Julie was around the corner coordinating with Darren, the project manager. She stick handled the purchasing for everything that goes inside the house, from tiles to toilet roll holders. 

"Don't worry, this is completely normal at this stage of the process," she assured us, as we observed controlled chaos and a house that didn't feel anywhere near ready. "You will see a dramatic difference in the next 24 hours hours. It always seems to happen this way."

Julie has been in the home construction business for a long time. What she said and how she said it made us both feel more confident that things were going to come together.

Darren gave us a great update on why there were downspouts on both ends of the eavestrough, what was going to happen with the heating/cooling/HVAC stuff at the back of the house (it currently looks like a big lump), and the fact that the water is now on.

We left the property feeling a range of emotions which slowly coalesced into a singular feeling of assuredness that the SEED Homes team was going to pull it off. It's hard to feel confident that we'll have our house on Friday when so many things still needed to be done on Wednesday. But I get the sense that confidence will be there when we drop by later on today with a number of light pendants that Heather put together.


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