Boots on the ground


It felt like most of the shop team at SEED Homes descended on our house in High River yesterday. Ryan, Brandon, Jesse, Derek, Luke, Kamryn, Dallas and Taylor were on top, underneath and inside the house getting us closer and closer to completion.

By day's end our stove was in place, the barn door was installed on the guest bathroom, and many other items had been completed on the interior "punch list". They even cut a piece of plywood to serve as a temporary countertop for our island. The quartz topper won't arrive until next week and we wanted to have some guests for the New Year.  The plywood counter will allow that to happen.
Meanwhile, Heather and I set up the master bedroom and the adjacent TV watching room/library. We also got Heather's office arranged. The only room that remains a nightmare of boxes is the guest bedroom. That will get tackled today.

Heather had this whole thing planned months ago on paper: how everything was going to fit and function. With the exception of one minor oversight, she nailed it. Sitting in the TV watching room/library is going to be wonderful in the morning as it faces east. Visiting with folks in the dining room area is going to be comfortable and welcoming. Stepping into the bath and looking up to see the northern sky is going to be magical. 

I'm slowly starting to see a spot in the house where I can set up a temporary painting spot. I haven't been able to paint all week as we have been fully focused on moving and unpacking. I was reminded of my painting life by Connie up in Edmonton who sent of photo of their growing moose collection.

Her and her hubby did a count. They have about 20 pieces of art that I've created over the year. They are among a healthy number of super fans who have enabled this colourful and creative life deviation that started just under ten years ago. 

If you've been reading these blogs about our journey with SEED Homes and you have questions that I haven't answered, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. 


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