Twas the night before the night before...


Twas the night before the night before Christmas
And all through our SEED Home
Not a worker was stirring...

Darcy said he was waiting for a blog post that started like this. I couldn't resist.

Heather and I got to the house in High River nice and early yesterday, eager to see the progress. An unfamiliar face zoomed by us as we were settling in, mumbling something about "All good" as he headed out.  

"We got it," said Darcy.

"We got what?" I asked.

"Occupancy!" he said.


I grabbed Darcy and gave him a hug, filled with feelings of both shock and delight as we didn't think the building inspector was due until later in the day. 

With time on my hands I walked over to the Canada Post office to FINALLY get our High River address arranged and our mail forwarded from our former Elma Street address.  All of a sudden, things had gone from hypothetical to very real. We can now receive mail.

I came back to the bustling house, still a beehive of activity, found Heather and dangled the mail keys in front of me.

"All done," I said.

She broke into a huge smile and we celebrated with a big hug.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Brandon were installing the pendant lights that Heather special ordered from a maker in Lithuania. They look absolutely amazing.  While they were doing that, Jesse and Taylor were working on the drop down ceiling in the kitchen. 

The SEED Homes team wanted all of Friday and Saturday morning to complete finishing details and do a deep clean. The plan is that we should be able to do a walk through this afternoon and begin unloading our pod which also arrived yesterday. The Shaw Cable/Rogers technician spent yesterday morning getting the home ready for Internet service. All we are waiting for now is the install of the modem. 

I think it got up to 10 degrees Celsius on this momentous day. It was so warm that are tiny yard became a little bit of a mud pit. Heather and I spent our day mulling over what to do as we won't want the dogs tracking mud all over our new house. Waking up this morning, it is cooler and whiter. That'll mean less tracks in the short term. Our friend Rob is seeing if he can source out a few bales of straw for us to spread around. 


I took this picture without giving any thought to the composition that was in front of me. My friend Kelly pointed it out on Facebook and now I can't get it out of my head. It looks like Brandon is a giant and that Stephen is taking a picture of his impressive belly button. 

I found this shot from the 2013 High River flood yesterday morning. It looked rather familiar to me so I looked up our High River street address on Google and looked at the street view. It turns out the photograph was likely taken from a vantage point just behind and above where Birdsong Studio 3.0 is going to sit. Those two houses are directly across the street from our front door.  (Don't panic for us. High River now has a berm that protects it from rising flood waters, a berm that did not exist in 2013.)


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