Storage solution

 As we were becoming more familiar with our new home, one point of tension for me was around space, or a lack of it. With the studio building still under construction, there was no place or space for the overflow stuff, boxes than contained things like old photos, Christmas decorations, and the like. I had the realization that this was a problem we could throw money at to solve. We could rent a storage locker for the next few months while Birdsong Studio 3.0 gets built, placed, unfolded and set up.

Of course, this brilliant idea landed right in the middle of the holidays, when all the self storage places were shut up tight. We had to wait for the 27th to make the calls. Heather found an available 5' x 10' unit at a self storage facility located a short 5 minute drive south of High River. It was perfect. 

I spent my day going back and forth loading up boxes and extraneous furniture pieces. I made five or six trips by day's end and we still have plenty of room. Today, paintings will get loaded in. For $90 a month, our space stress has been greatly reduced.
Meanwhile, Heather spent the day putting sliding baskets and shelves into the IKEA closets for the master bedroom and the entry way. She designed both in a way that they should be able to store all of our clothes, hiking gear, and outdoor things. There is one unit that will also serve as a pantry for dry goods. 

Outside, the SEED Homes team did a great job finishing off the skirting project. The HVAC systems at the back of the house have all been neatly housed and protected. They also made great progress on all the work that needed to be done up on the roof. 

Our goal is to move out of the loft tomorrow and have our first sleep in our new High River home. With the exception of maybe the house plants (lovingly being cared for by Brian and Dale in Okotoks), all of our stuff will be fully consolidated at 36 4th Ave SE (and in our tiny storage locker). 


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