Art is iterative


As Heather and I walked through the bones of what will be Birdsong Studio 3.0 at the SEED Homes manufacturing facility in southeast Calgary, I felt a longing to be back in our own creative space. While I have a temporary set-up in the garage below the loft that we are renting, and though the garage was Birdsong Studio 2.0 in another life, it's not the same. Combined with everything going on with our build, I'm having a difficult time getting back into the painting groove.

For me, art is iterative. It evolves through a disciplined practice of creating every day in a spot that is familiar and comfortable. In consistently creating every day, I navigate to what's next. It feels like I can't navigate anywhere in the fog of this transition.

The plan and hope is that two weeks from today, on December 22, the SEED Homes team will hand over the keys to our new house. That will give us December 23 and 24 to unpack our pod and have a semblance of home for Christmas Day. 

We had hoped to have our power hooked up this week, but Fortis won't be able to do the hook up until early next week. A generator is coming in to temporarily power everything up to allow the inside of the house to be brought up to room temperature. We're heading to site this morning to meet with the flooring guy. Heather has a specific vision for the tiling of the bathrooms and the SEED Homes team wants to make sure that vision is clearly understood by the guy doing the work. It will be our first time seeing the house with all the windows and doors installed. Apparently, some counter tops might be in place, too.

Based on where Birdsong Studio 3.0 is in the construction process, I don't see it being ready for delivery until some time in January. That means I will need to find a space in the house to set up a painting spot. I have no idea where that will be at this point. We need to live in the space for a bit to get a feel for things. 

In many ways, it feels like I've been running at half speed through most of 2023. The numbers certainly bear that out. I can't wait to hit the ground mostly running in 2024. 


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