Arriving in Gibsons

Gibsons sits on the southern tip of the Sunshine Coast, that fabled piece of British Columbia that includes Roberts Creek, Wilson Creek, Sechelt, Pender Harbour, Egmont and a smattering of small communities running all the way up to Jervis Inlet. The vacation home we've rented is near Grantham's Landing, just on the outskirts of the town of 4,000, a two-story paradise backed by a tiered garden and staircase leading to the seawall about 150 feet below.

When we first arrived I was stressed to my eyeballs, exhausted from the long trip and lack of sleep and disoriented being in an unfamiliar place. The first order of business was to stock up on supplies which I volunteered to do as Heather, Kathryn and the kids darted off to the ocean to cool off.

The IGA that I found at the edge of town, offered the selection we needed, but narrow aisles, dark floors (which enhanced the cramped sensation) and crazy tourists and locals clashing with hungry fervor nudged me closer to going postal. My anxiety continued to build as I ran against the current and into the path of oncoming shoppers, one after another after another.

I made it back to the vacation home in one piece, beleaguered and showing it. My plan was to cook dinner, a plan that was quickly knocked asunder as Heather and Kathryn sensed my helplessness and took over. A 26-hour train ride with little sleep, getting the rental car, driving over the Lions Gate Bridge to Horseshoe Bay, crossing on the ferry and finding our spot in Gibsons all combined to wring me out.

A nice meal, some relaxation time and getting ourselves unpacked and I was right as rain, ready to start our Gibsons holiday.


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