Chasing sunsets

The sky started to turn colour, brilliant shades of purple, pink and orange hanging on the southern horizon.  Election results finalized - Colleen Tatum and Christine Burton joining us on Council - I jumped outside, iPhone in hand, to see if there was a good picture in front of me.  There wasn't.

I went back to reviewing the numbers on my laptop from a by-election that featured 14 candidates running for two seats on regional council following the resignation of Mike Allen and Don Scott who left us to serve in the legislature.

Once again, I looked up and looked out.  The sky had changed yet again, the ribbon of colour moving dramatically to the west as the sun made its final dash for the day.  I ran outside and saw that conditions were perfect for what had the potential to be a stunning shot.

I grabbed my iPhone and keys, slipped into my Crocs, and hopped into my Ford Escape for the three block zoom to Snye Park, that sandy spit at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snye, my favourite fishing spot.

Even at 10:30 pm there were myriad vehicles scattered about, many belonging to the late evening watercraft enthusiasts, others attached to fisherman waiting patiently for the next nibble.

I began snapping, starting at the view of MacDonald Island and working my way east, trying to capture all the glorious angles.

"Make sure you send me one," said Lee - a fisher friend who works for Atco Electric - in equal awe of the canvas that Mother Nature had painted.

It was a short window of brilliance, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, that faded as quickly as it flared.  Anyone who ever questions the beauty of this place need only to stop at one of these pictures and reflect on what they see.  Remember to breathe.


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