Christmas Carolled

We were watching one the final episodes of The West Wing, in front of the TV screen a little earlier than normal, as I had pledged to take the evening off and recover from a nasty cold that had settled in, when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.

Heather and I looked at each other.

"Who can that be?" she asked.  The doorbell rarely rings, but almost never once the evening sets in.

We opened up the front door and music poured in.  On our step were the Heggie and Dahl families, singing full voice a beautiful Christmas carol.

I ushered them in as they continued singing, moms and dads, younger kids and older kids.

"Ben," yelled Heather, as this was something he had to experience; one of the carollers was his friend Noah.

"We've never had carollers at the door before," I said.

"Really?" said asked Tim.  "We're trying to bring it back."

It was at that point that the kids notice Junior the hedgehog curled up in a ball on a blanket being held up by Heather.  They had a delightful time reaching out, touching the quills, and observing this curious little being that always joins us for our together TV time.

Two more songs and the wonderful throng made their way back into the cold en route to their next carolling location.

We felt so blessed, in a way that is difficult to describe.  The true spirit of the season had arrived on our doorstep and graced us with their wonderful voices, smiles and love.

To Tim, Heather, Sheldon, Jennifer and all their assorted little ones: thank you for giving us a wonderful memory and sharing your Christmas spirit.  We are so grateful.


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