I love what's happening at École McTavish with their upcoming evening of comedy.  First of all, I think it's super cool that students in the information processing class (I have no idea what you'd learn in an information processing class, but I'm going to assume that graphic design is in there somewhere), designed three different posters to promote the show. Here they are:

I'd be interested to know which one draws you in the most.

The other thing I really appreciate is that the junior high school is reaching out to invite the media - including us blogger types - in to see the show.  Creative students in our school systems need to be supported, encouraged and applauded just as much, if not more so, than some of the higher profile cultural fare in the community.

HAIRBALL showcases 14 students in a series of short skits that have fun with peoples' obsession with their hair.  I don't have that particular obsession as my hair left me many years ago, but I can think of a number of people, including a former VP at the College, who had a love/hate relationship with their locks.

"To blond or not to blond, that is the question."  What a great line.

LORD OF THE PIES is the story of a group of people who get stuck in a pie shop.  Here's the description I found online:
A pie shop erupts into panic after Franny, a brash cat-lady, announces the arrival of the apocalypse. Franny starts to reconstruct society (called Frannyland) in the tiny pie shop and takes out anyone who stands in her way with baby food and scotch tape.
Is the apocalypse real? Will the bathroom serve as an adequate prison? Why is there a muffin tin in a pie shop? Lord of the Pies answers these questions and more.
This hilarious pair of one acts runs December 11th to 13th at 7 pm at École McTavish Junior High School at 352 Parsons Creek Drive.  Tickets are $10 each.  Thanks to Vice Principal Garette Tebay for letting me know about it so I could pass it along.


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