Finding the words

In 2000, I severed my Achilles tendon while acting in A Death of a Salesman.  Director Tom Peacocke sent me a lovely gift while I was recovering, a book called The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron.  It talked a lot about releasing creativity by doing your "Morning Pages", stream of consciousness writing.

That was the first thing that popped into my head this morning as I sat here wondering what to write.
Just write, I thought to myself. The words will come.

Writing early in the morning is part of my daily routine, an essential part.  If I don't spend 30-45 typing my thoughts down on the keyboard, the day just doesn't feel right.  Usually, I have something to write about, no problem.  This morning my mind was blank.

Well, it was not completely blank.  I could write about the painting I finished up last night, but it is another in a growing list of Christmas surprises.  Writing about it, even in the general sense, might give away enough clues to alert the subject - he/she watches what I do on Facebook.

I had a great visit yesterday with fellow blogger and freelance writer Verna Murphy.  What an amazing woman.  I'm so grateful that she invited me out to breakfast.  We have been colleagues for a long time and have had a number of exchanges of thought on Facebook, but this was our first opportunity to sit down and talk.  It's amazing how much we have in common, having tread a similar blogging and writing path.

You can read Verna's Around the Kitchen Table blog by clicking here.

Dinner.  Pork loin bathed in honey glazed barbecue sauce, wrapped in maple flavoured bacon with mashed cauliflower and melted cheese on the side.  Yummy.

I was saying to the family how grateful I am for having discovered the meat thermometer.  I was well into my 40's before I started using one.  It's a wonder I didn't die from having eaten underdone meat.

Christmas is looming.  I haven't made a lick of progress, except for having ordered my custom cards and one other thing that I'll be giving away.

I want to be in that head space where I refuse to shoulder any guilt or weight about the holiday season.  In some ways, that's hard to do, especially when there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the things one would like.  Over and above the greetings and gifts I want to give, there are 4 or 5 paintings that I've committed to getting done before Christmas.  It's almost like I need a holiday just to catch up.

Tonight is the Dr. Clark Christmas Concert.  Ben is pretty excited about it and I'm glad that I am in town to see it this year.  He is participating in a series of skits being done between performances.  We have been attending Dr. Clark Christmas Concerts for a long, long time.  It will feel weird when Ben moves on to high school.  I guess we could always return as visitors.


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