I'm not wired that way

I have tremendous respect for science-minded people.  They are curious, thoughtful, intelligent, rational and methodical.  I'm just not one of them.  I think it's rather curious (and laughable) that I originally set out to become a doctor; twenty-five years later, I can't imagine what I was thinking.

We visited TELUS Spark in Calgary a couple of days ago, a wonderful centre for scientific exploration, discovery and learning.  It is beautifully designed (which I appreciated) with bright shiny objects for scientifically inclined people of all ages to enjoy.

Heather's side of the family are all wired in this wonderful way; so is Ben.  Their collective eyes lit up as they went from activity to activity.  Mine started to gloss over after the first five minutes.

"Know thyself," said some wise Greek philosopher back in the day.  I knew that it was going to be mind-numbing day if I didn't reframe the opportunity.

So, I grabbed my camera and began observing through the lens the experience that the rest of the family (sans Dylan - he was back at the house not feeling well) were having.  All of a sudden I was in my element, capturing images of wonderment, curiosity, and delight.

We all have our paths to walk in this life, mine might not be peppered with formulas, theories and numbers, but it is abundant in other things.  I'm OK with it.

Here are a few of memories from our day at TELUS Spark.

For the record, because it deserves to be said, the young lady who did the "On Fire" show in the theatre was outstanding.  She held my attention and taught me some things in the process.  Outside of taking pictures, that was my favourite thing about visiting TELUS Spark.


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