Inspirations and Heroes

I have been blessed with many amazing moments as people have visited Birdsong Studio to pick up their paintings or just to visit.  It is a cluttered and chaotic space, but one that is equally colourful and creative.  As it lacks any formalities or pretensions, it makes guests feel comfortable almost immediately.  I had two lovely visits yesterday evening, one from Kristal to pick up "Skating on the Rideau Canal" and another from Linda to pick up the portrait of her husband Gerry.

It was so nice to hear the back story about skating on the canal with her mother by Kristal.  One of those bucket list things that couldn't be passed up, the moment was beautifully captured by talented photographer Blair Gable.

Gerry's portrait was the third quick study giveaway that I do on my Russell Thomas Art Facebook page.  Linda had a lot of influence in his decision to ask for a portrait of himself - very few images exist of this husband, father and grandfather as he, like me, is often the guy taking the pictures.  She graciously accepted the comprehensive tour of the studio, including the requisite trip into the alley to see the murals of Elsie, Dorothy and Tom.  When I opened the box and showed her the finished portrait of her husband, she had one of the most beautiful and heartfelt reactions I have even seen.

That moment, and two wonderful visits, prompted me to do a new contest on my Facebook page to give away another 12" x 12" quick study portrait.  This one is a little different.

Here is what I posted:

To enter the draw, all you have to do is answer the following question: If you had me paint a friend or family member who has been an inspiration or a hero in your life, who would that be, and why? 

Overnight, some 20 touching and beautiful responses have been posted including moms, dads. grandparents, siblings, and spouses. Who is your hero?  Who has inspired you in your life.

I will make a random draw at the end of the week for a free 12" x 12" original painting of that person. To share your inspiration or hero click here, LIKE the page, and post.


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