Live painting on the plaza

A friend from Kamsack wants me to do a portrait of Payne Stewart, one of history's most colourful and remarkable golfers.  We enjoyed a wonderful visit when he was in town a few weeks ago for a board meeting.  He shared with me the tragic story of Payne's death in a plane crash.  A Learjet had decompressed, killing everyone on board almost instantly somewhere near Gainsville, Florida. As it was on autopilot, it kept flying until it ran out of fuel.  Air Force jets escorted it until it crashed in a field in South Dakota, as they couldn't allow it to crash in a populated area.

Colourful, excitable, unforgettable, Stewart won the 1999 US Open in dramatic fashion, just a few months before he died, sinking a 15-foot putt and reacting with the fist pump that was seen around the world.  That's the moment I am going to paint tomorrow at the art themed Urban Market at Jubilee Plaza from 10 am to 4 pm.

In a sense, it will be a warm-up to the original request from my friend from back home.  I was looking for a golf-themed subject to donate to 3rd Annual Cat Rental Store Golf Tournament on July 16th in support of the United Way Community Campaign.  My thinking is that there will be more than a few golfers who might like to have an original painting interpreting that slice in time.

I will sketch out the 2' x 4' piece tonight so that I can begin painting almost immediately.  It will take me the full six hours to complete based on my past experiences with paintings of this size.  Also, if I know I have a specific window to finish the portrait, my brain seems to figure out what needs to happen to ensure completion.

This is a great opportunity to meet and engage with many artists and organizations.  The Artists in Residency program with be doing something called CardboART, inviting guests to join them in turning recycled cardboard into art.  It will be a blast.

There is also an entertainment stage with a wonderful variety of performances scheduled.

10 am - 11 am | Kiren Barnes will be doing slight of hand magic

11 am - 12 pm | Enjoy live music by Lilly Roy and Gracie Gidge

12 pm - 1 pm | Dan Tulk will fill the plaza with his music

1 pm - 2 pm | "Power Play" will be performed, a Westwood one-act directed by Victoria Duggin

2 pm - 3 pm | My friends from Adams Honour will be sharing their music

3 pm - 4 pm | Delight in some improv from the Westwood Improv Team

I'm looking forward to hanging out in a tent with Liana Wheeldon for six hours, talking, listening, and painting.  Liana is awesome, an artist with a unique style and unparalleled talent.   I hope you will come for some shopping and a visit.


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