Auction’s end

The next time we do an auction - likely in April or May - winter will be gone and everything will be in the process of turning green.  I must admit that despite the mild winter offered by Okotoks, the longing for green and growth is still as strong as it was when we lived up north in Fort McMurray.

Our current auction comes to an end tonight at 9 pm MST.  We have many different items on the auction block, including quite a number of pieces that could still be snagged for low prices.

Heather’s new work, produced while I was in Cambodia, is really quite stunning.  She continues to grow as an artist, taking courses, experimenting with new materials, and allowing her creative flow to take her to exciting places.

We have one rattan tray and coasters set that is still available.  It was made by Van, our home recipient in 2020.  She lives in a small village west of Siem Reap, Cambodia and has been making these over over 30 years.  The precision and artistry is incredible, especially as each starts out as raw material - long strands of  the pliable part of the palm tree.  Net proceeds from the sale of these are being donated to Bracelets For Buildings to start the fundraising process for our next house which will go up in 2021.

Three paintings produced in Cambodia are also being sold to go toward this effort.  This tiny effort might result in getting us to the 10 percent mark or beyond, a great start.

We are also raising money for the Foothills Composite High School’s visual art program to help enable visiting artists to come in and work with the students.  Appropriately, the painting that is being sold to help is the Falcon, which is also the school mascot.

As the auction proceeds and bids come in on items, I build boxes.  The vast majority of the pieces that get sold will need to get shipped.  I like to have everything ready to go when the auction comes to a close.  

It is not too late to sign up and have a look at what is on offer.  Registration is simple and free.  Once you are signed up, you can bid on anything that catches your fancy.  If you end up being the high bidder, you will get an email from me explaining the next steps of payment and pick-up or shipping.  Simple as that.  


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