Home is where the heart is, and the recovery

I am either learning about or rediscovering the impact to my body of international travel.  The first full day back, Tuesday, I felt like I had been out drinking the night before.  I got stuff done, but it was slow going.

On Wednesday, I started to show some health effects, with a headache and upset stomach.  I took some Advil for the headache and by mid-morning that part of my body was feeling a lot better.  My stomach took a few extra hours to calm itself.

I got a lot done yesterday, between frequent naps.  I think I had four or five.  

The loft got cleaned and reset for our next AirBnB guests.  All of the prints that arrived while I was gone have been opened and several upgraded and made ready for shipping.  I also got our next online art auction all set up and ready to roll.

The BIRDSONG FEBRUARY auction starts tomorrow (Friday, February 21) and ends next Friday (Feb 28) at 9 pm MST.  I’ve added over 30 gallery canvas prints so far, with many more yet to come.  I’ll also be adding a number of original works including three that were created in, and brought back from, Cambodia.  Heather will also be adding some exciting new work when she gets back on the weekend from her travels with Ben in the US NorthWest. 

REGISTRATION INCENTIVE:  if you register for the auction BEFORE it starts tomorrow morning, you will go into a draw for a 16” x 16” gallery canvas print of my painting of the Koala.  It’s a value of $150.  Plus, we’ll ship it to the winner for free, no matter where they are in the world.  

Register for free before Friday at 6 am and you will be eligible: https://www.32auctions.com/birdsongfebruary

One very special item was made by Van, the recipient of the home you helped us build in the village west of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  She works all day, along with her daughter, making rataan baskets/trays and coasters.  We have a tray and set of 4 coasters handmade by them while we were at their place building their new house.  All proceeds of this sale will be donated to Bracelets For Buildings.  How often do you have a chance to help change lives and purchase something so exquisite and have a sense of its maker and her story?  We’re also going to throw in some handmade Cambodian bracelets as our special thanks. 

I’m hoping to start painting again today, now that my strength has mostly returned.  For a guy that normally wakes up at 6 am, I was a little taken back to be startled awake at 7:30 am this morning.  My body is speaking to me and saying “take it easy Bud!”


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