Asia bound

I am sitting in the restaurant of our Vancouver hotel, starting our big travel day with a few cups of coffee.  The first leg from YYC to YVR was the easiest, except for the tumultuous rain of the wet coast.  After some walking in downtown we were soaked.

The coronavirus scare continues to be on the mind of millions.  I thought I would try to pick up some hand sanitizer at Shoppers Drug Mart.

“We may have some first thing tomorrow morning,” said the store employee.  “You will need to be here right at opening to have a chance of getting some.”  It was like he was talking about the hottest new iPhone.  I had the same experience when trying to buy face masks in Okotoks.  The pharmacist told me that they had completely sold out across the province.  

Fear has a way of seeping into a population and the constant top-of-the-news impact of the coronavirus has caused a world of panic buying: face masks, hand sanitizer, antiseptic name it.

While I am not scared, I am aware.  I was watching myself as we went through the security screening.  I touched a lot of surfaces. I will need to wash my hands diligently as we make our way to Shanghai and on to Siem Reap.

We will be stopping in an airport in China, not visiting the country.  Our layover in Shanghai is relatively short before we fly off to Cambodia.

I feel better for having made arrangements with Nabil, the landlord of the condo we are renting, to have our unit open when we arrive late Sunday night.  Rob and I will need a solid rest before joining Kent and Lee on the building site.  They will also have a tuk tuk driver meet us at the airport which is one less thing to worry about.  

“You’re bolder than I,” said one friend about our decision to throw caution to the wind and metaphorically choose to fly into the eye of the virus storm.  However, I don’t feel that way.  I just feel that we had an adventure planned, and we are moving forward with it.  It was easy to get swept away by fear, and I almost was.  


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