Tokyo layover

Flying into Tokyo was impressive.  The sky was mostly clear and I got a sense of both the size of the city and the impressive terrain that surrounds it.  This is a country we will need to add to our bucket list.  

Every airport seems to be different in terms of how it processes passengers who are transferring to other international flights.  This one was super easy with little fanfare and almost no lines.  Vietnam was quite the opposite.

I am now 24 hours into my travel.  It is 6 pm.  By my calculations, I have 12 to 14 hour more to go before I will pick up Coco at the dog sitter’s and enter our house for the first time in about 20 days.

One of my normal concerns on these long travel days is being able to successfully use the public toilets.  I have to say that these Asian public washrooms are quite comfortable, particularly here in Japan.  The toilets are super high tech with all kinds of different functions.  

I’ve also been able to sleep quite successfully.  I found a spot on the floor here in Haneda airport and used my backpack as a pillow.  It was surprisingly slumberous, and I drifted off into a deep sleep for about an hour.

I haven’t been worrying too much about the battery levels on my iPad and iPhone because I bought one of those portable power packs in Cambodia.  That said, there are charging stations everywhere you look with scads of space.  None of the airports have been crazy busy.

I am sitting next to the window listening to the boarding calls for a large Air Canada plane, my first taste of home.  This large group of people will get on the plane and then there will be a quiet stretch before passengers start arriving for my ANA (All Nippon Airways) flight to Vancouver.  I am hoping to land around 2 pm on Monday. 


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