Birdsong February Auction

We had a whole bunch of people register early for the Birdsong February auction as we were doing a draw for a gallery canvas print of my Koala painting.  Monica Lane was the lucky winner.  The bidding is officially underway.

While every eventual purchase supports everything we do at Birdsong Studio - workshops, free school visits, art donations, charitable donations and so much more - several pieces that are either in the auction now or will be added later in the week will support specific charities.  Giving back and helping others is fundamental to what we do, and we are so grateful that you enable us to do that.

This auction will also help me whittle away at the deficit left over from my recent humanitarian trip to Cambodia.  The coronavirus caused all of my reasonably priced return flights to be cancelled, which then had to be replaced with flights that more than quadrupled in cost.  I’m sure I am not alone in having to make expensive changes to travel plans owing to this global health crisis.

Heather had a ball working in the studio while I was away, as evidenced by the body of work that she produced,  Among the pieces on the Heather Thomas Art wall in Birdsong Studio are 5 new works that are absolutely stunning. 

My new painting of a falcon, inspired by a photo provided by Rob Kunz, is being sold to raise money for Ben’s high school art program, specifically supporting artist visits.  The falcon is the school mascot for Foothills Composite High School/Alberta High School of Fine Arts.

I’ll also be adding a number of original works from my Cambodia trip, but only after they have been re-stretched.  They will be sold in support of Bracelets For Buildings and the home we will sponsor in 2021.

I may be opening a can of worms here, but if you have a charity or community cause that you are raising money for and you want us to help by donating an art piece in one of our auctions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  If you commit to sharing the auction link in your network, it quickly becomes a win-win proposition.  We have raised thousands of dollars for great organizations in this way over the years.

Registering for the auction is super simple and completely free.  Click here. The auction runs until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 at 9 pm MST.  There is a BUY NOW option on all the gallery canvas prints featured which includes free shipping to anywhere in Canada and a free upgrade to an EP.  


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