Dear Erdem

Dear Erdem,

There are days that are near perfection in our small corner of the world, perched 450 kilometres north of Edmonton in the province of Alberta. Today was one of those days.

"If it could stay like this forever, I wouldn't complain," said a friend, basking in the sun, neither too hot nor too warm--just right.

This is the season of perfection, when the leaves first emerge from their winter's sleep, before the first hatching of summer's flying pests. Did you have mosquitoes in D.C.? They're not bad here, at least not as bad as other places I've been. When I think of swarms of mosquitoes I think of Manitoba. Saskatchewan brings to mind dragonflies and grasshoppers. In Fort McMurray we have delightful creatures called tarsand beetles--friendly little things with wicked long antennae.

I wish you could have been here this morning to smell the air after a light overnight rain. It was fragrant, rich, wonderful. The sun rises so early at this time of year. By 5 am it's pretty much daytime. It will be well past 11 pm before darkness falls. A month from now, near the summer solstice, it won't get completely dark at all, just a moderate dusk in the wee small hours of the night.

Living in the paradise of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I wonder what you imagine Fort McMurray to be like. I wonder if you can imagine a day as perfect as the one we're experiencing today. I wonder if you could picture yourself sitting on our front lawn enjoying a cool iced tea with Dylan and Ben, sharing funny stories and memories.

It's 73 degrees at 7 pm in our part of the world, not too far off from your 77 degrees. We have rain in our forecast, too--not the fiery thunderstorms awaiting you guys, but still some moisture. Heather will be happy. She loves gardening and is anxiously awaiting the first sprouts of the season.

May 17, 2010 - 193.6 pounds, 29% body fat


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