Desktop Virtualization

This week we learned about desktop virtualization. Your normal, run-of-the-mill computer does four (4) key things:

  1. It turns on and off, accesses the Internet, plays audio & video, etc.

  2. It has an operating system that,

  3. Has applications which,

  4. Produce data that gets stored on a hard drive

The moment you add each additional layer, it sucks up energy and slows the computer down. With desktop virtualization, layers 2, 3 and 4 happen online. Everything is streamed, your operating system, your programs and your data. Most importantly, you can go to a web browser on any machine anywhere in the world and operate from your virtual desktop.

The machines specifically designed for systems like this use a fraction of the electricity, are super fast, and have a much longer average lifespan (normal computers need to be replace every 3 to 5 years, these new units will survive 7 to 10 years). Multiply this technology a million fold and attempt to quantify the net-positive benefits to the environment and to budgets.

Click here to watch a video (courtesy of WYSE) that describe desktop virtualization much better than I possibly can.

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