In Contemplation of Public Life

I've lived a very public life, starting in high school when I was a student leader to my decade-long service in the radio broadcasting industry. My years in Wood Buffalo, now nearing 15, have been particularly public as I became known as "that art guy" or "the interPLAY dude". And while I'm somewhat of a public figure, this is the first time I'm contemplating public life in the traditional sense.

I'm leaning toward putting my name on the ballot this fall in Ward 1 of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, as a councillor. The idea has niggled at me for awhile, but especially as Events Wood Buffalo took root under the daily leadership of Claude Giroux. We had worked for a long time to get that organization to the point of being sustainable with a permanent staff, and that reality has opened the window of opportunity for me to try other things.

So, why Council? Why now? Firstly, I'm eager to learn about municipal governance. If I were to be successful, it would mean a three-year education in community leadership like none other. Secondly, I believe I can contribute meaningfully as an engaged citizen with a proven record of being collaborative, innovative and visionary. Finally, I love this region, the place we call home (thank you Irwin Huberman). Unabashedly and with genuine fervor, I talk about the Big Spirit of Wood Buffalo, because I believe in its existence, its uniqueness, its power. I believe in Wood Buffalo's Big Spirit down to my core.

Why now? Perhaps that's the bigger question. In my 30's I began to make decisions by listening the wind, my wind. I get intuitive feelings about things, about actions that need to be taken, decisions that need to be made, conversations that need to happen, and blogs that need to be written. Whether you understand my wind to be a flash inspiration or a moment of clarity or vision, it is omnipresent in my life and I choose to pay attention to it. My wind is blowing me in the direction of this election and the potential of serving my region, my community, my friends and family. It is blowing strongly, convincingly.

My wife is cheering me on in the background, testing the political waters with her circle of friends and colleagues. She knows me well and knows in the deepest part of her soul the answer to "why now?"

Before I make my final decision and a public announcement, I'm going to go through an information gathering phase. In the simplest of terms, I'm rather ignorant about how to get from here to there. But I'm going to find out and then spend some time listening to what my wind is telling me.

May 4, 2010 - 190.6 pounds, 28.9% body fat


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