Road Running

My weight has been slowly rising as my eating goes up and my exercising goes down. Little habits have snuck back in, late night snacks, too much coffee, too little running.

Sunday morning.

I got up and decided that I would go on my first outdoor run since beginning the battle of the bulge. I laced up my shoes, six or seven years old now--I bought them during my first and very short fitness burst back in 2004. I snapped on my iPod and initiated a playlist that started with a nice version of Autumn Leaves by Barney Kessel and started out.

Down Demers to Father Mercredi, left and through the snow dump road, I ran around the lift station to the grassy field behind Hill that would take me around to the loop road. But a muddy path had pierced the entrance, marking freshly laid sewer and water mains. Impassable.

New plan! I turned around and traversed the almost dry snow dump lot. Headed up the road to the Snye, I passed Carl who was sitting drinking his morning coffee and watching the river. When the fishing season opens up on June 1, Carl will be at his spot at the confluence of the Snye and Clearwater rivers long before anyone else. Across the wooden sidewalk and through a gravel stretch, I meandered around Borealis Park before finding my cross street and making the return journey home.

Based on the length of the songs that played, it was just over a 20 minute run--more of a jog to be honest. Interestingly, the outdoor run is very different than running a treadmill. The impact on my body was completely unfamiliar as my feet pounded on hard pavement and asphalt, the force ran up my leg to my calf muscle. The legs were incredibly heavy, struggling to lift the feet for the next steps. By the time I turned the corner on to Demers I was still jogging per se, but you probably would have passed me if you were walking briskly.

The good news is that 20 minutes felt like 5, and there were new sights to see every step. That was nice. There was also a very tangible beginning and end, without that boring lull in the middle. And my feet didn't hurt like they do on the treadmill.

My large glass of water is done and so is this blog post.

May 16, 2010 - 194.8 pounds, 28.4% body fat


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