Breathing through it

I found myself talking like Heather in a conversation earlier this week.  "You need to just breathe through it," I said.

I'm giving myself the same advice as it relates to several projects that I'm in middle of right now.

As human beings, we subject ourselves to so much unnecessary stress, angst, concern, and anxiety.  

It's not working out the way I thought it would.  

I don't have enough time.  

I am too busy.

These are all inner admonishments we give ourselves all the time.

Just breathe through it.

Breath in.  Breath out.  Allow TRUST to enter the space as your lungs empty.

If you have deep questions that are nibbling away at your confidence; if unseen pressures are weighing you down; or you feel like you're adrift at sea, just breathe through it.

I have a creative project on the go right now that is no more difficult than anything else I've done in recent months, but owing to so many other things going on I've had to work on it in fits and starts.  I'm finding this way of creating much more difficult as it keeps me immersed in the painful middle for a lot longer than it it did when I would complete a project in a single day.

Just breathe through it Russell, just breathe.  And trust.

Things get so crazy in the fall that it's like going from the gentle and predictable Ferris wheel to the lightening fast and shocking roller coaster.  Taking time to breathe, pause, reflect and consider is never more important than when the world is moving quickly.


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