It just makes life sweeter

Every year, Heather and I renew our subscription tickets for Keyano Theatre Company's 4-Play Drama Series.  We do so for a whole series of reasons, not the least of which is that it provides us four lovely evenings out and we get to see our friends perform on stage.

Yesterday I enjoyed a coffee with Alan Roberts, Director of Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre, and I asked about the current benefits of becoming a subscriber, as opposed to buying single tickets.  Here are a few:

1. Guaranteed Seats - as hundreds have discovered with the sold out production of The Vagina Monologues, if you wait too long, you might miss out.  A subscription guarantees you a seat, and, you actually get to pick where it is.

2. Ability to Exchange - how often does life get complicated and you find that something pops up on the night you had arranged to go to the theatre.  Well, being a subscriber fixes that inevitability.  If something comes up, you just exchange to another night.  I can't tell you how many times we've taken advantage of that benefit.

3. Early purchase privileges to Syncrude Arts Alive concert series - sometimes being first in line is really cool.  If you become a Drama Series subscriber, it gives you status on the concert end of things.  That could come in very handy with a number of the offerings in the current menu of entertainment offerings.

4.  Ability to receive upcoming events via email - we live incredibly busy lives.  Keeping on top of all the entertainment options is next to impossible.  A regular email from Keyano Box Office will help ensure you don't miss a thing.

5.  A great evening out - at the end of the day, this is what's it's all about.

Oh yes, I almost forget their is a financial benefit to becoming a subscriber.  You save about 20 percent on the cost of buying the four productions individually.

I have spoken to people who have been coming to Keyano Theatre for decades.  I asked Alan why he thought they keep coming back, year after year.

"These subscribers have supported Keyano Theatre Company through many different styles of shows, from the dark dramas to plays about uncomfortable subjects, to the uplifting and entertaining musicals and comedies that are just plain fun," he said.  "They are also supporting their friends and family members that participate in the shows, either on stage, backstage or on our front of house team."

"Is now a good time to discover the joys of subscription?" I asked.

"It's absolutely a great time to jump on board," said Alan.  "Every season is chosen to blend our existing pool of talented community actors while adding a show that may intrigue others to come out of the woodwork and try out.  I have heard the comment many times that 'if my neighbour can do that, I sure would like to give it a try - it looks like fun.' And you know what?  It is!"

"Once a patron steps into the theatre they experience the thrill of having a story brought to life before their eyes, which takes them away for a couple of hours.  Becoming a subscriber encourages them to mark the date and plan ahead a bit.  They also can make arrangements for dinner, a sitter and an evening out that they richly deserve."

I asked some friends on Facebook to share their thoughts on being a Keyano Theatre subscriber.  Here is how they finished the sentence "I love being a Keyano Theatre Company subscriber because..."

"...with every season it gets better and better." - Tara

"...I get lost in another world, which I love." - Shelby

"'s date night and we get to enjoy the exceptional talent this community has to offer." - Dawn

"...I am able to take my hubby or a friend on a date night - to quality, amazing, fun, entertaining, delightful, awesome theatre for an incredibly reasonable price." - Sherry

" is one of my first loves." - Janice

"...I can enjoy a night out with my wife and be whisked away into another world." - Jerry

" just makes life sweeter."  - Sharon

"...all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.  Escape, adventure and magic happens before our eyes." - Diane

" is a date night often including dinner with other couples first, followed by great entertainment (sometimes with the benefit of knowing several of the cast)." - Susan

Call Keyano Box Office today and make a purchasing decision that will, as Sharon suggest, just make life sweeter.  780-791-4990.


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