Ideal Protein final update

Earlier this summer, I watched a short video that my friend Sean had take of me.  Seeing myself being a little more bouncy than I would like, I decided to return to the Ideal Protein program the following day.  I got on the Phase 1 track and immediately began shedding pounds and feeling healthier.

Several months later I have progressed through Phases 2 and 3 and have graduated into the final phase, which is all about maintaining.  I went for my final check-in yesterday and was pleased to find out that for the third week in a row, despite the increase in my caloric intake and the addition of a modest number of carbs, all of my measurements were stable (not increasing).

I think the biggest difference for me this time around is a number I have written in my Ideal Protein Phase 4 journal.  They call it the "Trigger Number", or the weight that will set the alarm bells ringing.  I wrote down 183 pounds.  Currently comfortable at between 176-177 pounds, I think 183 is a fair marker to trigger my return to Phase 1.

For me, the biggest thing that the Ideal Protein program has done has changed my relationship with food.  Where previously we would have an assortment of chips and crunch snacks in the cupboards, we now have things like nuts, seeds, and seaweed.  Where massive amounts of starches and carbs were a requisite part of every evening meal, they are now a small enhancement, and somewhat of a novelty.  Salads have gone from being a rare occurrence to a staple.

I still drink a little too much coffee, probably don't get as much water as I should, and have an unhealthy addiction to nuts, but overall, I've done well.  I could also use more exercise, of that, I am certain.

If you ever want more information about the Ideal Protein program, you can visit Sarah Hiscock and her team at Finding Balance Weight Loss and Wellness on the second floor of the building at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Morrison Street, above The Hub Family Resource Centre and Grand and Toy, next to the CEP Union office.  I have found them to be very friendly, knowledgable and responsive.


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