Heather's Surgery Adventures, Part 6 - the CODA

I was sitting at the window, drawing the colourful building across the way while Heather was covered up in a warm prayer shawl trying to sleep when the resident came in to confirm that she was being sent home.

She sat up immediately, excitement in her eyes, bags all packed and ready to go.  Some final medication and follow-up appointment instructions and we were making our way out of ward 3D4, down the elevator, up the escalator and on to the East Parkade where the Escape was faithfully waiting to whisk us away.

Heather did exceptionally well with the procedure, the initial recovery and gaining her strength back.  It really couldn't have gone any better.  She is going to have to take it slow for a time, and avoid heavy lifting and doing any exotic yoga poses, She was a star patient and managed to avoid any brain fluid leakage and other mishaps which would have meant a longer stay.

We spent the day driving back home, eager to get back and hear stories of how the first day of school went for Dylan and Ben.  Everything is still green, but there is a definite autumn presence in the air, especially this morning as the temperature is only 5 degrees and a thick fog blankets the Clearwater River Valley.

I feel a little out of sorts, needing to reorient myself to routine, tasks that need doing and the rhythm of regular life.  Heather needs to rest, take her time moving about the house, and being gentle with her recovery.

We have a lot of people to thank for helping us through this medical adventure.  First of all, Neil and Susan drove all the way up from Crowsnest Pass to be here with Dylan and Ben.  That made a world of difference in our stress levels.  Jenn and Graham offered up a bedroom, a place where I was able to lay my head at night that wasn't a cold, impersonal hotel room.  To all the visitors, family and friends, and the hundreds who offered thoughts and prayers via social media and otherwise: THANK YOU!

"We are so fortunate," reflected Heather as we drove home.  She is so right.  We are infinitely blessed.


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