A brave new accommodation world

Imagine staying in a nicely appointed room, complete with a comfortable bed, awesome Hudson's Bay blankets, quaint table and chairs, mini-fridge, fancy coffee maker, kettle and microwave. Now imagine that the only thing that you don't have is a bathroom in the room; they are just around the corner, though totally private after you step inside and lock the door.

Everything is brand new - the building of a different generation has been completely renovated - fixtures, flooring, wall treatments, appliances, furniture.

Picture an apartment building run as an AirBnB and you've been given a code to get in the front door and a second to slip into your pre-arranged private room.

Finally, picture the fact that you are 87 steps from Kits Beach, three short blocks to the amazing 4th Avenue shopping district, a 20 minute stroll to Granville Island and a short bus ride to the heart of downtown Vancouver.  How much do you think you'd be paying?

Great room, brand new washroom facilities, and a location that can't be beat.  We have paid $80 to $200 per night for AirBnB accommodations that didn't come close to offering all of these benefits.  The introductory price for one of these units is going to be.......are you ready for it.....$39 per night until March 1st.  After that it goes to $49 per night, still incredibly affordable.


We were a little bit of a test case, the first guests staying in the facility as renovations near completion.  A dear friend (Claude) is managing the unique AirBnB building one block from the beach in Kitsilano and invited us to take it on a test drive.

I'm sure the experience would be a little different when the building is fully completed and fully occupied, but for the price of $39 per night, I can't imagine finding something in this condition, in this incredible location, for anything that would come close.

For the adventure traveler willing to try something a little different, this is a can't miss.  The number of restaurants within walking distance are in the dozens, with many hundreds within a 20 to 30 minute walk radius.  You'll be busy discovering the countless things that Kitsilano and Vancouver have to offer, but when you settle in for the night, you'll be shaking your head wondering how you lucked out on getting this place.

You can secure this crazy affordable and awesome accommodation 87 steps from the beach in Kitsilano by calling Claude at 604-417-1235 or email claudeg@carreramc.com. You can also search on Kits Beach on AirBnB.com and look for listing with Claude's friendly mug.


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