Happy Birthday Love Shower

As I was thinking about Heather's birthday (today) yesterday, this idea of starting a love shower came into my head.  Social Media easily allows us to share birthday greetings and many of us take the time each day to send a quick hello to those folks who are on the list that Facebook provides.  I do, most of the time.  It is a quick way to send out a pulse of positive energy to people I know a lot, people I know a little, and in some cases, people I barely know at all.  The Happy Birthday Love Shower is a little different.

I've invited people connected to Heather to share something specific about how she has added light to their life.  Simple, yes?

I know that Heather has had a profound impact on a lot of people, not only because of the work that she does, but because of her presence in the world.  Throughout the year, various people have graciously shared with me their appreciation for her teaching gift and for the light that she brings into the room when she arrives.  What better occasion than a birthday to share a specific way that she has made a positive difference in your life.

Share here by attaching a comment.  Share on Facebook or share directly with Heather.  Let's make it rain hearts today.


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