Planet Earth to Major Tom

David Bowie has died.  Born 20 years before me, he lived an epic life and affected millions with his music.  Many are weeping this morning, others are reflecting, all are remembering.

When someone like David Bowie dies, I do a Google search of images.  Sometimes it is a struggle to find something that would work with my painting style.  With David Bowie it was a cornucopia of possibilities.

David Bowie 1

David Bowie 2

David Bowie 3

David Bowie 4

David Bowie 5

David Bowie 6

Each of these images offers me what I need to set out on a portrait.  Most importantly, they are all easily recognizable as David Bowie.  They are all bursting with personality, and, in some cases, mystery and intrigue.

Which one would be your choice?  Which one calls to you in terms of capturing the memory of the man in the moments after his death?

These all call to me in different ways.  Number 1 suggests David Bowie the rebel, which I like a lot.  Number 2 is sexy, suave and stylish.  Number 3 is David in his happy place: on stage performing.  Number 4 is the "from another planet" side of Mr. Bowie (I always felt he with other worldly).  Number 5 is an image that has been painted/interpreted many times - it is awesome, and just plain fun.  And finally, Number 6 is David Bowie the man, stripped of his personae. 

I'm heading off to work at the United Way for the day.  Perhaps later this evening I will remember David Bowie, and 80's dance parties, in my way: by putting paint on a canvas.  


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