Revelations and memory


I spent the better part of an hour on the flight home from Vancouver trying to remember the name of a fellow that worked at the radio station almost 20 years ago.  I went through the alphabet, backwards and forwards, trying to find the file where that memory resided.  I knew that the names, both first and last, were common and that I would give my head a shake when I finally figured it out.  But nothing I did helped.

As we landed and made our way to the terminal I sent a note to a fellow that worked with us at that time and asked for help.  After I got home, I scanned and posted a picture.  The answer arrived almost immediately and as predicted, I gave my head a great shake, as it was such an easy name to remember - Gary Young.

Gary was a talented young announcer who helped me move from my condo in 1999.  I believe he was also an assistant program director.  By all measures, his name should have been easy to grab from the recesses of my brain.

Generally speaking, I'm pretty good with memory and particularly, names.  However, there are a few that elude me for some reason or another.  I'd like to think it's not a symptom of old age, rather, a few anomalies of neural programming.


I ended up losing quite a bit of ground in my weight loss/healthy eating journey on our four-day trip to Vancouver.  Yes, I ate too much and too richly, had several drinks, and didn't drink nearly enough water.  That wasn't a revelation at all; that was reality.

My "Aha" moment was that I had parked my creative brain for the mini-holiday, and that was a mistake.  I'm not beating myself up about it, but the fact is that I put most everything on pause and just chose to "be" for four days.  The problem when I do that is that food becomes a significant focal point in the experience.

Anticipating a week long trip to Cuba in February, I am going to engage my creativity in some way, whether that is through writing, photography or drawing.  In this way, I will be more engaged and connected with my surroundings and less inclined to focus my energies on consumption of food and drink.

~another one~

I have a red binder sitting beside my desk here in the home office that contains most of the commissions that are waiting to be done, reference photos and notes from clients.  My recent revelation is that each of those represents new adventures, challenges and an opportunity to try something different.

Having done over 200 portraits and developed a process that is pretty successful, it is easy to slip into familiar patterns.  I get the greatest joy from the pieces that took a new path, tested out a new technique or resulted in something unexpected.

I am half way through a project having followed a relatively routine path.  I'm going to veer from the trail on the second half and try something new.


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