Workshops reignite joy in art

We have hosted a number of workshops over the past six months called UNLEASH THE ARTIST WITHIN.  In that time we had a broad range of friends and strangers join us for three hours of creativity.

If the weather is good, I start the workshop with a tour in the backyard to share the story of where this painting journey began for me, with a tagged shed and an inspiration to paint Elsie Yanik.  Our guests meet Dorothy McDonald then Tommy Morimoto and get their group photo taken before coming into Birdsong Studio (the shed) for a brief glimpse into our creative space.  I say "our" because it has evolved into a studio that others use along with me.  (I'll be doing a major clean, cull and reorganization in the spring to allow this to happen more easily.  For now, we clear away the furniture in the living room and do the workshop in the house.)

Every group is different, but there are common threads through each workshop.

For instance, great conversation ensues, quite naturally as everyone works through the process.

 There is also a sense of uncertainty in the beginning that dissipates as we move into the painting phase.  Near the end, there is a great sense of time well spent doing something a little different.

I do very little "teaching", in the traditional sense, during these workshops.  I mainly share a story and my process and let each person take it from there.

The results are always astounding with great variety in colour choices, style and end product.

If you are interesting in adding your creative touch to this amazing series of portraits, consider signing up for one of our future workshops.  The cost is only $50 +gst.  We provide everything you need in terms of paint, brushes and canvas.  Visit our Birdsong Connections website to look at available dates and times by clicking here.   Four additional workshops have been scheduled including a special Valentine's Day afternoon session.

We are all creative beings, whether we've picked up a brush before, or not.  This is an opportunity to discover that for yourself.  See you soon!


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