KD Gala night

It is one of those nights in Fort McMurray when there is a lot going on.  The annual State of the Island Gala is front and centre at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre.  The President's Cup, the clash between the Syncrude Bisons and the Suncor Blades - a game that raises funds for the United Way Community Campaign, is happening at Casman Centre this evening following a rambunctious tailgate party in the parking lot.  Over at the Keyano Arts Centre, Film Fear will add some fright to the night.  While I would love to attend and support each of these events, the one that will get my attention and time, after a long day of rehearsal, will be the Centre of Hope's KD Gala.

Creative Kraft Dinner recipes are going to be offered up in the basement of the Fellowship Baptist Church.  Reservations are FREE, but you're asked to come prepared to donate as the event is the Centre of Hope's fundraiser in support of the United Way Community Campaign.  Councillor Phil Meagher will be on hand to auction off a number of items throughout the evening, including my painting of Bruno.

Reserve your seat by clicking here.

Of the long list of portraits I have done since my muse, elder Elsie Yanik, got me going in June, Bruno is among my favourites.  It is not just a painting, it is the story of how a man experiencing homelessness was embraced a couple of small communities in east-central Saskatchewan.  It was also a collaboration with my 11-year-old son Ben, who suggested that the portrait, mostly finished, needed some splatters.  I brought him out to the studio and contribute to the piece.  It was quite something to stand there and watch him carefully and thoughtfully apply the finishing flourishes.

This painting - inspired by the photographic portrait taken by Yorkton's Mitch Hippsley, and the story of this extraordinary human being who chose to walk his own unique path, resonated with thousands of people who remember Bruno fondly.  Of my 1,100+ blog posts, JUST BRUNO is in the top 5 in terms of numbers of readers.

I hope you will consider attending the KD Gala if you are not committed to one of the other outstanding events happening this evening.  We would love to break bread with you, raise some money, and have some fun.


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