Oh poop!

I had a tough time sleeping last night.  My eyes were closed, but drifting off blissfully proved to elude me for many hours.  Perhaps that unsettled night led to my slip up at security this morning, or maybe I'm just sloughing off brain cells?

Arriving at DIA (Denver International Airport) nice and early, I had absolutely no stress weaving my way through the security gate.  The line was moving nicely and it looked like I would have plenty of time to grab a breakfast before catching my United Airlines flight to Edmonton.  Shoes off, and all my metallic bits and pieces carefully piled into the white trays, I breezed through without setting off any alarms or random screenings.  I put on my belt and watch, slipped my wallet into my back pocket and put the laptop back into my satchel.  Within minutes, I was on the train going from the main terminal building to the B gates station.

I was sitting calmly on the ledge at the back of the train car, with only a few other people - it was still early in the morning, the crowds hadn't built up yet.  I reached down to my left, to make sure my small piece of luggage was in place as we zoomed along toward the A gates station.

Oh poop, I thought to myself.  Where was my suitcase?

In a flash, I realized that I had neglected to pick up my small carry-on.

"Shoot!" I said aloud.  "I left my suitcase at security."

"Was that yours?" said the lady across the way.  "They were wondering whose that was.  A black case with wheels?"

"Yah, that was me!"

I jumped off the train at the A gates station and got on the train going the other way, back to the main terminal.  At this point, my brain was trying to sort out two things:  1) how much time I had left, and 2) how could I get back to the security area.  

I made the decision to get out on the arrivals side and made my way back through the security line.  I managed to get into an express line and got through within five minutes, a minor miracle in my view, as the long line was taking 20 minutes to a half hour. Oh well, everything worked out, and I still had time for breakfast before catching my flight.


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