Christmas Carol Chronicles, Part XV

The man behind the aesthetic of Keyano Theatre Company's production of A Christmas Carol is set and costume designer Roger Schultz.  He recently moved to Ottawa after a number of years teaching and designing at the University of Lethbridge.  We reminisced about his long history with Keyano Theatre after last night's work through of Act One.

Brighton Beach Memoirs,  2003
While I was very familiar with his more recent designs (A Comedy of Errors, The Blue Light, Strangers Among Us, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and What the Butler Saw) I was surprised to find out that he had a number of credits going back to the days of Artistic Producer George Cotton (Peter Pan, Dead Serious, and I'll Be Back Before Midnight).

Working in the set for A Comedy of Errors, 2005
On the evening of our first rehearsal, we learned about Roger's passion for this classic Dickens tale and his propensity for accepting multiple opportunities to work on this show.  He is going to share his design exploration during a free presentation on Saturday, November 22nd at 3 pm.

Costume design for Bob Cratchit
"The creativity and inventiveness found in Roger’s designs can leave his audiences feeling as if they have been enveloped into the scene on stage," wrote Keyano College in an email I received earlier today.

This is the second instalment of the KTC Community Outreach Program. The first was a delightful talk given by playwright Norm Foster during the run of On A First Name Basis.  Roger will break down the process that lead him to the final set and costume design for the production set to open on November 21st.  This is a unique opportunity to get inside the head of the person who successfully created the physical space that will enable this miraculous and magical story to take the audience on a wonderful journey.


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