Christmas Carol Chronicles, Part XVII

It has been so much fun getting to know Constance Scarlett, first in the context of being the Executive Director of Arts Council Wood Buffalo, and second as one of the funny little twins in Keyano Theatre Company's production of A Christmas Carol.  With a keen sense of humour and a great intuitive sense of the stage, she has provided many moments of comic relief in the rehearsal process that began about one month ago.

I fired some questions over to Constance to get her take on what this all means, and why community theatre is so important.

What has surprised you about the rehearsal process for A Christmas Carol?

I am shocked at how quickly everything has moved! It seems like, in the blink of an eye, we have gone from our first reading to standing on stage with an (almost) completed set. I think this is a testament to how much fun the cast has had working together and the scores of professionals who have worked diligently behind the scenes and with us in the rehearsal space to create this beautiful theatrical production.

What is the community-building value of being a part of a large group of people going through a shared experience like the creation of a theatrical production?

These productions provide an opportunity to gather a cross-section of the community together and get them to work towards a common goal. Given the diverse backgrounds of the cast, there are people that I have been working side by side with for weeks that I otherwise never would have crossed paths with in the course of everyday life. This breadth of community representation has really enriched the experience of this production.

How would you describe the diversity of the people who are in the cast of the show?

After weeks of rehearsals, everyone in the cast works together so well that it is funny to think just how diverse our backgrounds and personalities are. When you stop and take a look around the room, you see that we really are a motley crew! There are adults trying to match the energy of our younger performers; the silent types who often have the most profound observations on the production; the extroverts who are happy to make fools of themselves on stage; and, the seasoned veterans who are patiently explaining the process to newcomers. You also have people who work in finance or industry acting alongside those who work in the cultural or social profit sectors. What brings us all together is the love of storytelling and the desire to share this passion with our community.

Constance playing a game of ninja tag with Stephen Cantwell
A Christmas Carol previews next Thursday (Nov 20) and opens one week from tonight.  Tickets are available through Keyano Box Office.


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