Christmas Carol Chronicles, Part XXIV

We found ourselves in a situation near the top of Act Two where the lighting was a little out of synch.  Jenny Price, playing the Ghost of Christmas Present, calmly found a pool of light upstage and we carried on with the scene.  What a pro!  She is always fully present in a scene, and a delight to work with.

This is our third time doing a show together I think, though my memory is not what it used to be.  Humbug!  We performed together in Beauty and the Beast in 2006 and Les Mis earlier this year.  I know that the arts, and Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) in particular, have meant a lot to Jenny.  So, I decided to dive in and find out a little bit more.

How has this theatrical adventure differed from some of the others?

I'm always excited to start a new project with KTC. Each show that I've had the good fortune to be involved in is a completely new experience. Every director has such a different approach and I have particularly enjoyed working with Jacqueline. She has such a positive energy and leaves so much room to explore and evolve your character.

What do you think of the current state of KTC and the fact that almost half of the cast are experiencing their first production?

I feel like this is a very exciting time to be a part of the Keyano Theatre Company. The last two shows I have been involved with have been filled with new and incredibly talented people. It's wonderful to see that the KTC is engaging new company members and is staying relevant and new in our rapidly changing city.

Why do you love community theatre?

I love community theatre because it creates this environment where people who would typically have never met come together to create something incredible. We always form this bond that transcends age and occupation. In a very short time we will disperse and return to our regular lives but we will always have this shared experience binding us together.

Apart from your own scenes, is there a scene in A Christmas Carol that you look forward to watching and/or hearing every night?

I just love the scene where the twins come to Scrooge's office seeking a charitable donation. Jennie and Constance are just fantastically hilarious. I'm looking forward to hearing an audience respond to their scenes.

What role does a supportive family play in this process?

I couldn't do theatre without the support of my family. I don't just mean my husband and kids, either. We truly raise our kids in a village and our extended family is always a really important support for us whenever I am involved in a show. I am so grateful to my whole family for allowing me to live out my passion for performing.

A Christmas Carol previewed last night to a large, appreciative audience who gave us one of the warmest standing ovations that I've ever experienced. We open this evening, and yes, there are some tickets still available for all performances. But don't wait too long to get yours. We landed on the front page of the Fort McMurray Today this morning, which could inspire a run at the Box Office. The audience is the final and most important ingredient in this magical experience.


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