Opening the door for 2015

The flipping of a calendar page never feels as substantial as going from December to January.  It's all in our mind, of course, but the yearly reset always inspires reflection, change, correction, improvement, and various other things that gyms, weight-loss programs, and health centres look forward to with their wallets open.

I'm planning my own physical reset, of sorts, but not until we return from our week away in Arizona.  Then, I will focus on my diet for a few weeks and drop the 5 to 10 pounds that have been added by over indulging and imbibing.  I'm actually looking forward to it, as a regimented food intake system simplifies my life.  I'm all for simplification.

Perhaps today, but certainly by the end of the weekend, I plan to clean up my spaces at home: my desk and study area, and the painting studio.  When I get into painting mode, everything else gets shoved aside.  I need to achieve a better balance in 2015, more discipline.

I think the other thing I need to figure out is where to put my energies.  There are a number of projects that have me stoked, others less so.  I need to reconcile and/or shift my thinking on those things that are currently a draw on my energies, or walk away from them.  If there is one thing I've discovered in 2014 it is that I can do more good in the world by focussing on those activities that add "light" to my life.

I'm in such a good place right now, in my personal and professional life, in my creative practice - writing, painting, acting, directing, etc., and in how I generally feel about the world.  Interestingly, an increasing number of people in my circle of friends and family are going through personal turbulence as we dive into 2015.  My thoughts are with all of them, as they endeavour to find their way out of the fog and into the sunlight.

At the highest level, my intention for the year is to continue listening to "the wind" (aka. God, Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, Great Spirit, higher power....etc.) and pursuing things that feel light and inspiring.  If I could do that while maintaining a healthy diet and choosing to get more exercise, that would be wonderful.

Happy New Year to you, the reader.  Thanks for dropping in to the Middle Age Bulge blog every once in awhile.  I really appreciate the fact that a few people get some value out of this obsession of mine to write every day, or almost every day.


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