Struggling for ounces

Each morning, I weigh myself, hoping that the previous day's diligence dinged a few ounces off the sum total of my physical being.  Each morning, I keep seeing the same number: one day, two days, five days.

I reflect on the day that has passed, doing a mental checklist of what I ate and drank, puzzled why this second week of the Ideal Protein journey is going so slow.  I'm trying not to beat myself up too much because I know the inches are falling off - I can once again fit into my slim man pants.  They were rather tight and uncomfortable just a few short weeks ago.

Strangely, I'm stuck on my Trigger Number, or the weight that reminds me to go back on the program for a few days.  I had gone above that number by about 7 or 8 pounds through the fall, into the Christmas holidays, and down to Arizona for a week.

"You're only supposed to weigh yourself once a week," someone suggested at the office.

Well, sure.  That's nice in theory, but my brain isn't wired that way.  I need to do a daily check to maintain my focus.  Also, if I didn't look for a full week and found out I hadn't lost anything, I think I'd lose my mind.  This way, I know damn well I haven't lost anything, and it keeps me motivated to keep trying.

I'm less agitated about this than I might sound.  I feel better, my clothes are more roomy, and the food that I do eat tastes so darn good.

This is definitely a different experience from the first two times through the program.  I dropped a lot in the first few days, but haven't dropped dramatically since.  I really can't explain it?

But, I'm soldiering on, drinking copious amounts of water, nibbling on my approved snacks, and savouring my veggies.  Meanwhile, would someone pass the scotch?


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