Painting Joey D

The outpouring of affection for Joey Delusong, or Joey D to many, was overwhelming yesterday.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram lit up with images and memories, and a tremor of loss that could be felt through the strands of fibre-optic cables and WiFi signals that bind us together.

I was asked by a friend to consider painting a portrait of Joey in my wild colour style.  In the moment of being asked, I knew I needed to do it right away, when everyone was grieving, grasping for answers as to why, hurting, and remembering.

Generally speaking, I paint best when I paint quickly.  Unless I have complex lettering, tattoos, or other details that require micro-attention, I can usually finish a portrait in 4 to 6 hours.  Last night was different, similar to the evening that I painted Robin Williams. It was also done right after news hit that he had left us too soon. I started painting at 6:30 pm and was finished about three hours later.

I was honoured to be asked to paint Joey D, and humbled by the kind words that have flowed in since I posted it last night.

The original is spoken for, but if anyone is interested in a canvas print, just let me know.  Send me a note at


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