RIP Joey

When a young person dies, it shreds through a community.  Shock settles in, deep sadness, and questions.

I don't know what happened to musician Joey Delusong, only that he has apparently left the stage suddenly.  Condolence messages are popping up all over Facebook this morning as the multitudes connected to this character wake up this morning.

I knew who Joey was, but I didn't really know him.  He had played gigs for me at interPLAY and other events over the years, and was an active musician in the community and at Keyano. He played in the group Abandin All Hope for awhile.

There is a memory in my head of him playing trombone.  It might have been at a VPA Cabaret or a talent contest of some kind, but I remember that it was pretty awesome.  He liked to play loud, and often did.  He was full of life, and now that life is gone.

I wish I had more pictures, more specific memories, but I don't.  All I have are the reverberations of his guitar, exuberance, creativity and zest for life.

We'll miss you Joey.

I would encourage you to leave a message, share a memory, tell a story.  In this small way, we can better remember, and never forget.


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