A new low

Though I'm not much of a sports guy anymore, I can be a little competitive.  As I dived back into my Ideal Protein program in January, the day after returning from our Arizona holiday, I wanted to establish a new low water mark.  After doing a quick weigh-in and measure at Finding Balance Weight Loss and Wellness, I can confidently say that I am there.  My weight is sitting at around 172 pounds (I started at just a hair under 191), my body measurements totalled to a new low, and my body fat percentage hit 17.9 percent (the previous low was 19.3 percent).

This program has worked for me.  I've been able to get to a point where it doesn't seem like work, or that I'm giving up anything.

"I'm going home for rabbit food," has become a daily announcement at The Redpoll Centre.  The ladies laugh, but nothing tastes better than a large fresh kale salad with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  And while I've begun to add protein in Phase 2 of the program, it is the salad that I look forward to the most.

This way of eating has had a trickle effect on the boys.

"No salad?" said Ben at a recent meal when I had prepared cooked veggies instead.  He was disappointed and felt that something was missing.

I have done 26 portraits in the time that I have been on the Ideal Protein program, an activity that really helps keep me focused.  When I'm at the easel I drink copious amount of water and snack sparingly.  Who would have guessed that a seemingly sedentary pastime would have proven to be a good weight management tactic?

As I begin to reintroduce carbs, I am bound and determined to find a better balance this time.  After losing all my weight last September, I slowly returned to my less-balanced ways.  Incrementally, the pounds came back.  At some point, likely during the Christmas Holidays, I stopped trying and gave way to temptation more times than I care to remember.

The truth of it is that eating well feels good.  The food tastes great, I feel more comfortable in my skin (and in my clothes), and my body (overall) is in a much healthier and happier place.


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