Sometimes the person who needs to change is...

Two mornings in a row I missed getting Dylan to the bus at Jubilee Centre in time to catch the #2 to Westwood High School. In both cases, the buses were in motion and all we could do was wave them goodbye.  So, for two mornings in a row I drove him up.  In mornings past, we were successful in getting there in time, but just barely.

"This was all me," I said to Dylan as we began the climb across the bridge and up Thickwood Boulevard.  "I get writing my blog and the next thing you know it's 25 minutes after 7.  Completely my fault."

It was my fault, but what was I going to do differently to create a better result?

The answer came to me on the way into the office and I grabbed my little black book to get the ideas down on paper before they dissipated into the ether. Today was the first day of taking back my mornings.

My former routine was getting online immediately, doing all the things I do on social media from posting to blogging, then getting dressed and out the door.  I would have my first coffee as I began my blog post, often not having enough time to dive into the second.

My new routine has me getting dressed immediately, making my coffee, then diving into my online stuff.  I've also instituted a cut-off of 7:15 am to ensure that Dylan and I are all packed up and out of the house with time to spare.

Writing it down and committing to it, there were no decisions to make this morning.  I just shifted into this new gear automatically in the seconds after waking.


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