Painting Brian Jean

After I do a challenging painting (which I did this weekend - you'll see it in a few months after it gets presented), I like to do something quick and just for fun.  Sometimes these smaller, less complex paintings are commissions; once in awhile they are whims.  Last night I decided to do a quick study of Brian Jean, the newly elected leader of the Wildrose Party of Alberta and the party's candidate for the Fort McMurray-Conklin riding in the expected provincial election.

Brian has had a heart-wrenching few weeks.  As a father, I have a hard time imagining what he feels inside after losing his son.  The mix of emotions he must be experiencing after his personal loss then political victory, must be indescribable.

Brian Jean, 12" x 12", acrylic on canvas

I am not going to get into any politics, but I will say that having the new leader of the Wildrose Party going up against the current Conservative Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education is good for democracy.  Civic engagement seems to be in a not-so-healthy place after yesterday's 5.6 percent turnout in the municipal by-election.


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