The Odd Couple Romp, Part 5

What happens in a play - the stuff the audience sees - is really just the top portion of the iceberg; there is a whole lot that happens just beyond the sight lines.  Little things, like the amount of space in the wings, distances to dressing rooms, and the actual size of the stage make big differences in terms of preparing for a show.

Yesterday we had the gift of being able to rehearse in the actual space where we'll be performing The Odd Couple.  What a difference it made to see the set taped out on the floor in relation to the size of the proscenium and the depth of the stage.  The Recital Theatre playing deck is substantially smaller and more intimate than the main stage.  

As we are part of a grand experiment to integrate the Second Stage series into the milieu of Keyano Theatre, we are given a variety of spaces to rehearse, ones that are not being used at the time.  They have done a great job of fitting us in, and I rather think that the inconsistency has been great for the show.  There is a strong element of making do with whatever we can scramble together for furniture and props.  The actors are forced to adapt, imagine and overcome the adversity inherent with not having the same rehearsal space every day.

The cast, minus Michael and Diana, accomplished their first stumble through of the show yesterday.  They did a remarkable job of moving through the story, navigating set pieces that are much tighter than any of us imagined.  While they might have felt some discomfort, having close quarters actually helps this show.  We've been working for a couple of weeks now, but I still found myself in stitches during a number of different scenes.  This group is bringing new ideas to the process every rehearsal and working their tails off to GO BIG.  The results are pretty impressive.

We will be without our stage manager for a bit, as Natalie and her family are gone on a family vacation.  Natalie is AMAZING.  At only 13 years of age she is doing an exceptional job as stage manager, commanding the respect and appreciation of a cast that individually are double, triple and quadruple her age.  This young lady, fresh from a major role as the lead in CRY, has dived into this process with 100-percent commitment and energy.  We are grateful.


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